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Alice Yancy-Teague 2020




Our children are the future of the next generation to come. They need to have the opportunity to grow up and not be afraid of being gun down when they go to school anymore. Our children have a right to live the American dream and be able to Say 

Yes I Can

I am important

We matter to the world

We must create a safer environment for our children.

Alice plan is to reform gun control for the safety of our country.




Alice plans to remind the world why America is a beautiful country in which we live. Alice plans on showing her love for her country and its people. Alice will be working with both governmental parties to fight for America people. Alice plans to   have a group healthcare plan for all Americans, making colleges more affordable and creating more stem programs.



Alice plans on restoring lives in our communities. Alice actively plans on engaging our enemies from foreign nations, as well as engaging the silent wars many faces here in America.


Gun violence

Alice has a plan to reform gun control and holding National Rifle Association (NRA) accountable for selling guns to minors. Alice’s opinion in our country when buying a gun there should be a special qualification requirement. Gun Control should be like buying a car it needs to be a more effect rigorous requirements for owning a firearm.


Immigration Reform


Alice plans to have a complete security system from the point of origin in transit at the border and within the United States.  In Alice opinion this will strengthen all of the activities assets and programs necessary to secure America’s frontier. In Alice opinion Immigration legislation should create an integrated security system that will address the border infrastructure and link borders management.

Alice intention is to remove an unlawful person and the enforcement of immigration and workplace laws.


  Mass incarceration 

Alice plans to reform and reduce our reliance on incarceration while keeping its citizens safe. Alice plans to demolish the three strike law {For Non Violence}. We are at the point that we should rethink how we use prison as a knee-jerk punishment for a majority of crimes. In America, we have one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. We have nearly 2.2 million people behind our prison bars. United States has highest incarceration rate of any comparable nation. We have less than 5% of the world’s population but, nearly 25% of Afro American people are behind bars. Mass incarceration is the greatest civil rights injustice of our time. Incarceration has not changed in the past 40 years ago. The Criminal Justice system drives and reinforces deep-seated racial inequity.



Alice Plans To End homelessness

She is planning to provide a service that will benefit Housing, food, and, clothing for the homeless.

Giving grants to qualified individual who want to make a difference in someone’s life and be able to build a home for the homeless.

 Alice plan to have prevention and, inner prevention programs to keep families and kids to stay off the street. In Life someone will experience homelessness in America. To tell the truth we are all one paycheck from being homeless.



Alice plans to reform a group healthcare plan to ensure that high-quality care is accessible, affordable and, deliver better value to all American people not just the rich!




Alice is a criminal justice activist. She is a court mediator and civil rights organizer in Georgia.



Alice plans to cut debt by having a special program for small businesses.  All small businesses can benefit from reducing utilities bills, tax cuts, and tax exempt with more resources. 



Committee to Elect Alice Yancy Teague 2020
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